Trial Report | Boskovich Farm Cilantro

These trials began in early March 2020 in Ventura county.

The goal of these trials was to highlight Humic Land replicability of use on different soil structures. The only difference between the 5 blocks is the size of each block (yields adjusted on a per acre basis) and the date at which the soil
amendment was applied.

Oxnard Cilantro Trial 

* One off anomaly due to sprinkler patterns in the field. Results have been adjusted on a yield/acre basis.

Picture taken from trial #2 at the time of harvest of a cilantro plant from the control (left) and a cilantro plant from the Humic Land block (right).

“Humic Land has proven to increase cilantro yields by 20% over 10 different fields. Cilantro root establishment is noticeably better. Cilantro stands with Humic Land are visibly more established.”
Bryson Daniel, Boskovich Farms

Specifics of the trial

Humic Land block :

Each block was treated  with 3 applications of 2  litres per 5 acres.


On average, Humic Land   gave a 20% yield increase compared to the control groups.


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