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McGill Corn Trial

Effect on Nitrogen uptake and Root growth

The objective of this study was to test Humic Land for its effect on corn seedlings growing under nutrient and water stress.

Corn was exposed to Humic Land by seed soaking only, then by soil application only, and finally both seed soaking and soil application, / or to water (negative control).

Stresses during corn growth were:

  1. No stress (control)
  2. Nutrient stress
  3. Water stress and Nutrient & Water stress.

The goal of these trials was to observe Humic Land replicability of use on different soil structures.

The factorial exposure × stress treatments (n=16) were replicated in 5 pots per treatment, for a total of 80 experimental pots. Then the Corn was harvested at stage 7 of the study.

Humic Land Improves 19 -28 % of  the Root surface area

Root Surface Area (cm2)

 Root Volume (cm3)



The study concluded Humic Land can stimulate seed germination and promote seedling growth. It tested most favorably showing results for nutrient uptake and root development in plants. 

McGill Corn Seed Soaking


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