Trial report | 4 Star Farms Watermelon

Farm: 4 Star Farms
Location: Myakka City, FL
Crop: Watermelons
Period: December 2019 - March 2020 

Watermelon trial results

Details of the trial

Lot size - 5 acres

Soil type – Poor conditions

Total number of treatments – 4 (incl. of preplanting)

Pre planting application - 15 liters

 # of Applications – 3 applications

Dosage – 1L / Acre each application

First harvest on 4/28

Results obtained from grower

Humic Land block yielded a 48% increase over the control block

“We injected Humic Land through the drip tape. It mixes well with no problems. We saw increased fruit sets and size increases. Good Product.”

Brent Shackelford, Ranch Manager, 4 Star Farms

Additional notes

With the use of Humic Land, bacterial and fungal species were increased by 10%. Further improving the fungal distribution and diversity.

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