Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kaytonik do to soil pH?

It neutralizes your soil pH. Kaytonik pH is between 6-7.

What dilution ratio should I use?

When using Kaytonik for container gardening, we suggest diluting 10mL Kaytonik per 1L water. For more details, check the dosage chart.

Once Kaytonik has been diluted, can I store it or do I need to consume the whole thing?

You can place this solution in a spray bottle and save it in a dark, cool place.

How often should I use Kaytonik on my plants?

Once a week, spray each pot, near the area where the stem enters the soil. One push for small pots and 2-3 for the bigger ones.

Should I worry if I used to much Kaytonik?

Too much Kaytonik will not affect your plants' growth. Be careful not to overwater the plants as Kaytonik helps with water retention.

What is in Kaytonik product?

Kaytonik is produced from the sustainable extraction of peat. The peat is refined through a nonchemical process to give you an organic soil amendment rich in Humic and Fulvic acid which promotes microbial activity.

What Can I Grow in GardenSoxx®?

You can grow just about anything in GardenSoxx®.  Over over 300 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers have been grew in GardenSoxx®.

What is GardenSoxx® made of?

GardenSoxx® is made of polypropylene.

Is polypropylene bad for organic growing?

Many products used in organic agriculture are made of HDPE/LDPE and PP. Drip irrigation which is in direct contact with your soil and sometimes touching the stem of the plant is made of plastic. Plastic mulch, which covers the soil is a film used in organic agriculture.

Can I be organically certified when growing in GardenSoxx®?

We highly suggest to contact your local certifier to get full confirmation from them.

Can the polypropylene chemicals leak to the soil/ compost?

Polypropylene doesn’t leach to the soil or water. It is the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that need to be banned altogether. Those harmful products are what leach and contaminate our waters and create uncontrollable algae bloom.

Do I need to add fertilizer or herbicides when I use GardenSoxx®?

With a product like GardenSoxx®, you don't need to use any harmful products such as herbicides or fertilizers. Use great compost and let your plants grow. If you need a biological booster, we propose to use Humic Land or Kaytonik.

How do I control the weeds on GardenSoxx®?

The presence of weeds will depend on the quality of your compost. High quality compost should not have any weed seeds hence when used with GardenSoxx® your crop will be weed-free.


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