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Rogitex is a family business that has been around for four decades. As all businesses evolve, we did too. Part of that evolution was to direct our efforts towards the next generation.


Years of Experience


In our quest to do good for our kids, one statement that really resonated with us: "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." This famous saying carries a lot of weight because it is none other than our responsibility to sustainably utilize Earth's resources to ensure the successful continuity of life on this planet, we call home.

As a civilization, we have done a poor job at that. 99% of what we consume, fruits, vegetables, and meats, need Soil to grow, making us a Soil dependent society. Soil is humanity's most valuable commodity, and history has shown a direct correlation with the survival of our race. If we were to consider how much agricultural land is available to us to grow our foods, we quickly realize that we do not have much of it. Using it wisely and maintaining healthy soils should be our priority.

The green revolution, which gained considerable momentum in the early '50s, was a turning point in agriculture. It led to the mass introduction of chemical fertilizers and agri-chemicals. Although the short-term effects of this era saved millions out of famine and offered food security for many, the long-term effects of using these types of chemicals were never appropriately considered. These new harvesting techniques have had detrimental repercussions on soil health and humanity's health. The overuse of inorganic fertilizer has made its mark. Agricultural lands have lost their once humus-rich topsoil, losing their soil organic matter, making it harder to grow crops. Humus-rich Soil is essential to thriving microbial activity and fertile Soil. Sustainable life on Earth requires microbially active humus-rich Soil. Pre-'60s era, Soil was rich in humus with 7-12% organic matter. The cumulated years of heavy fertilizing have drastically changed that. In early 2000’s, a grower is lucky if his Soil organic matter is anywhere near 2%.

Rogitex is committed to improving the quality of our soil over the long term. Part of the service we offer is to develop programs with growers to monitor long term improvements of the soil.


Rogitex, with the support of its soil-conscious team, has redirected its efforts towards building a sustainable future for the next generation. Alone, we will not succeed on our quest. We are one in a large sea. We will only succeed in rebuilding Soil Health as a network, as a larger team, working together towards the same goal.


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