Case Study: Cilantro

Boskovich Farm | Ventura County, California - March 2020


Yield Increase


The goal of this trial was to highlight Humic Land™’s replicability of use on several different ranches in Ventura county.

Soil Type

Soil Types may vary among the different fields and were not sampled prior to the trial.


To demonstrate consistent yield increase on Cilantro across different fields and conditions when incorporating Humic Land™ (control fields were kept to have measurable data)


1 Liter / 2.5 acres
3 Applications per Field
Dilution Ratio: 1:250


Ventura County, California

Trial Size

10 fields of various sizes ranging from 0.20 to 1.65 acres


March - 2020

Irrigation Type


Boskovitch Farms

30+ Products year round | 18,000 Total Growing Acres

Boskovich Farms has been farming for over 100+ years and continues to be the largest grower and shipper of fresh cilantro.

Trial Details

The main difference between the 10 blocks is the variable field size. The fields were sowed at different times.

Application Schedule
Field / Acres Grower Ranch 1st Application 2nd Application 3rd Application
A - 0.23 acres Terry Vacca 2020-04-19 2020-05-03 2020-05-30
B - 0.26 acres Coultas Riverview 2020-05-02 2020-05-16 2020-05-30
C - 0.98 acres Terry Vacca 2020-05-16 2020-05-30 2020-06-13
D - 0.75 acres Coultas Riverview 2020-06-19 2020-07-03 2020-07-17
E - 1.65 acres Terry Vacca 2020-06-23 2020-07-07 2020-07-21
F - 0.5 acres Bengard Alford 2020-07-13 2020-07-27 2020-08-10
G - 1.0 acres Bengard Alford 2020-07-27 2020-08-10 2020-08-24
H - 1.0 acres Coultas Riverview 2020-08-20 2020-09-03 2020-09-17
I - 0.5 acres Campbell 20 2020-08-21 2020-08-29 2020-09-06
J - 1.0 acres Campbell 11 2020-08-29 2020-09-06 2020-08-29

Humic Land™ - Cilantro Cartons per Harvested Field

Humic Land™ - Cilantro Cartons per Acre

Total Cilantro Cartons

7.87 Total Acres Harvested

Total Cilantro Cartons on an Acre Basis

cilantro increased root volume and feeder roots

Final Results & Observations

Boskovich Farm | Ventura County, California - March 2020


Yield Increase


  • Increased root volume from the Humic Land™ Block
  • Visible increase in Feeder Roots
  • Humic Land™ demonstrated consistent results replicated across 10 different fields

Straight From The Grower

Boskovich Farm | Ventura County, California - March 2020

"Humic Land has proven to increase cilantro yields by 20% over 10 different fields. Cilantro root establishment is noticeably better. Cilantro stands with Humic Land are visibly more established."

- Bryson Daniel, Boskovich Farms

Humic Land™ Case Studies Results

What Is Humic Land™ ?

Increases Yields | Improves Nitrogen Uptake | Reduces Watering Costs

Humic Land™ is an organic soil amendment that increases your soil's ability to cycle nutrients to relieve your fertilizer dependence.

Unlike other Humic Acids available on the market that originate from Lignite or Leonardite, Humic Land™ comes from Black Peat.  A vital distinction, as not all Humic Acids are made equal. Humic Land™ is made from peat, using cavitation and fine grinding without any chemicals used in the production process.

The resulting product is a peat gel that is 100% Organic which restores soil health and prevents Nitrogen Leaching.

Rebuild your soil with Humic Land™ directly at the rhizosphere where it matters most by improving nitrogen retention. When nutrients are readily available as your crops needs them... yields increase.

Ready For A Record Breaking Harvest?

  • Overall Healthier Crops
    • Increased Stress Resistance To Plants
    • Improved Root Mass & Root Structure
    • Reduction of Fruit Sunburn
  • Cut Overhead Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Watering Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Fertilizer Requirements
  • Increased Profit Margins
    • Yield Increases - Boost Overall Revenue
    • Reduction of Input & Water Costs - Significantly Lower Your Overhead Costs
  • BBB - Better Business Bureau Rating A+
  • florida fruit and vegetable association
  • approved by ecocert inputs
  • CDFA Registered Organic Input Material
  • western growers
  • OMRI listed for organic use