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For Everyone

It neutralizes your soil pH. Kaytonik™ pH is between 6-7.

When using Kaytonik™ for container gardening, we suggest diluting 10mL Kaytonik™ per 1L water. For more details, check the dosage chart.

Kaytonik™ can be stored once diluted in a cool environment and away from direct sunlight. You can mix enough quantity to fill up a 1L (32oz) bottle and consume that as needed. Make sure to shake the bottle before use to mix the solution and remove any settlement.

Weekly. Spray each pot, near the area where the stem enters the soil. One push for small pots and 2-3 for the bigger ones.

Too much Kaytonik™ will not affect your plants' growth. Be careful not to overwater the plants as Kaytonik™ helps with water retention.

Kaytonik™ is produced from the sustainable extraction of peat. The peat is refined through a nonchemical process to give you an organic soil amendment rich in Humic and Fulvic acid which promotes microbial activity.

For further information, you can view the Kaytonik™ label.

Certainly. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days of placing your order, we will refund you for your purchase with no questions asked.


For Everyone & Commercial Growers

Almost anything! Over 150 varieties of fruits & vegetables and over 35 herb varieties along with countless flowers have successfully been planted with GardenSoxx®. Popular plants grown in GardenSoxx® include strawberries, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, peppers and so much more!

GardenSoxx® is made of polypropylene.

Many products used in organic agriculture are made of HDPE/LDPE and PP. Drip irrigation which is in direct contact with your soil and sometimes touching the stem of the plant is made of plastic. Plastic mulch, which covers the soil is a film used in organic agriculture.

Although we do have customers who grow organically with the GardenSoxx®, we highly suggest contacting your local certifier to get full confirmation from them.

Polypropylene doesn’t leach to the soil or water. The products that do leach and that need to be addressed and regulated are the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Those harmful products are what leach and contaminate our waters and create uncontrollable algae bloom.

With a product like GardenSoxx®, you don't need to use any harmful products such as herbicides or fertilizers. Use great compost and let your plants grow. If you need a biological booster, we propose to use Humic Land™ (for commercial growers) or Kaytonik™ (for everyone).

The presence of weeds will depend on the quality of your compost. High quality compost should not have any weed seeds hence when used with GardenSoxx® your crop will be weed-free.

For everyone or any garden enthusiast we recommend the GardenSoxx® Kit.

For commercial growers, we offer GardenSoxx® in industrial sized rolls of 50ft, 10ft and 150ft and can accomodate any size operation. Contact us for more details.

Simply cut a hole in the mesh large enough to plant your plug or seeds, using scissors or a knife. A 2” hole or smaller is recommended. Follow planting depths according to your plants, cover the seed or plug with the compost inside the sock, and water as usual.

One cubic yard of compost will fill approximately 60 feet of GardenSoxx mesh (the mesh is 8" in diameter). The finished linear footage may vary, depending on the number of cuts/sections you make, as each cut requires a tie-off that uses up some of your length. We recommend using zip ties instead of knots to maximize the finished length.

Because of its innovative mesh system, GardenSoxx® are nearly impossible to overwater because of their ability to drain excess water. For a 16 sq. ft. GardenSoxx® garden (8 GardenSoxx®) we recommend two 2-gallon watering cans every day. Or, use .5 gallons per GardenSoxx®, per day.

We also recommend using the drip irrigation that is included with your GardenSoxx® kit for the highest water efficiency, which allows you to water less. Our Drip Kits come with all the fittings needed to quickly install the drip tape in your GardenSoxx® Garden. Hook up the system to your hose and you are ready to water your plants. Using the drip system will ultimately water your plants better, and save you more water.

You may also wish to purchase a timer at your local hardware store to make watering even easier! Most importantly, pay special attention to your plants, because they will show you when they are too wet or dry.

GardenSoxx® can last for at least two growing seasons without additional fertilizers or nutrients. After two seasons, the plants in your GardenSoxx® begin to deplete the nutrients.

We suggest using Kaytonik™ once per harvest per crop to maintain good nutrient cycling and their availability for the plants to uptake. Doing so can help prolong the longevity of the GardenSoxx®.

Alternatively, you may cut open the GardenSoxx® and reuse the compost in an “in ground” garden area, and/or replace the GardenSoxx®. Always pay attention to your plants; they may need a little added push earlier or later than recommended above.

You can leave your GardenSoxx® outside for the winter. GardenSoxx® do best in outdoor conditions, because this allows the moisture content and biological activity to remain high.

Humic Land™

For Commercial Growers

Certainly. You can reach out to us via the contact form or schedule a call with us and we will swiftly get you on board with a Humic Land™ Trial.

We supply Humic Land™ to any commercial grower in the United States and Canada. For outside North America, contact us.

Absolutely. We have all the documentation you need if you want to be transparent with your clients about Food and Safety information and for the CDFA.

Humic Land™ is particularly efficient in sandy soils and clay soils with low humus content. It can also be used in hydroponic applications. Depending on the type of soil, Humic Land™ has a revitalizing and normalizing effect on a variety of its characteristics.

On light sandy soils, it supports the formation of lumpy-granular structures. The creation of soil structure increases its water retention capacity.

Plowed and structureless soil are restored with their natural physical and chemical composition that significantly increases fertility.

On heavy clay soils, Humic Land™ promotes soil loosening, increasing the earth's gas and water permeability, facilitating breathing, and developing plant roots.

Humic Land™ significantly increases the microbial activity in the soil. The movement of nitrogen-fixing bacteria become more noticeable, while increasing the diversity in bacterial biomass, which plays a crucial role in increasing phosphorous solubilization.

Additionally, it enhances the microbial activity that contributes to the decomposition of toxins produced by pesticides or discharged by machinery due to the combustion of fuel.

Also, Humic Land™'s gel characteristics have shown positive results in soil rehabilitation of degraded and contaminated soils with heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

A general recommendation would be 1 liter of Humic Land™ per 250 L of water to obtain a coverage of 2.5 acres, alternatively 1 gallon of Humic Land™ will get a coverage of 9. 5 acres. Humic Land™ gives the best results when used directly on the soil but can also be used as a foliar application because of its high fulvic acid content. Humic Land™ benefits your soil from conditioning to blooming.

Humic Land™ can be used on an array of crops. To name a few, cereals; all vegetables; berry bushes; fruit trees; legumes; in nurseries, as well as sod; flowers; horticulture; and decorative plants. Finally, Humic Land™ also helps rehabilitate contaminated as well as eroding soils.

Here are some of Humic Land™ benefits:
• Increases seed germination
• Improves transplant success rate
• Reduces the impact of adverse weather conditions
• Activates indigenous (local) soil microbiota, which stimulates and strengthens the methods of interaction of the plants with the soil (increases the bioavailability of plant nutrients)
• Increases Photosynthesis
• Improves water retention capacity
• Promotes strong root system

It is the approach of an integral way of farming, focusing on Soil health that will positively impact the plants' growth.

Soil health can be many things, but we see soil health as Soil's capacity to sustain a healthy environment for plants to grow with minimal inputs.

Healthy Soil is capable of cycling nutrients to support life and allow for plants to have robust root systems and fight insects and pathogens by themselves.

The use of synthetic inputs affects the plant’s capacity to develop strong symbiotic relationships with other soil organisms. There are millions of living organisms in healthy soil. There are Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Nematodes, and much more all integral to a healthy soil food web.

We can compare the use of synthetic inputs to spoon-feeding an animal. Over time the animal forgets the advantages of self-feeding or how to feed. Plants do just the same thing. As synthetic inputs are given to the plant, the plant does not create stronger ties with other organisms to help it obtain food, nor can it build a robust immune system guaranteeing a stronger and healthier plant.

This results in plants' poor root development, higher vulnerability to pathogenic infection, and lower fruit nutrient levels. This leads to further use of harsh chemicals to mitigate potential diseases, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. These inputs have a sanitizing effect on the soil. It kills all living biology, which are crucial to your operation.

Thanks to the Soil microbiology. Microbial diversity is essential to ensure proper nutrient cycling. Proper nutrient cycling starts to occur when a healthy food chain is available.

Bacteria and Fungi consume and extract various minerals from the organic matter contained in your Soil. Protozoa and Nematodes are predators of Bacteria and Fungi. As they consume and eat the Bacteria and Fungi, they release excess nutrients in a plant-soluble form.

The information available to us today was not there generations ago. If we knew ages ago what we know today about Soil health, we would have done things differently.

We are here to introduce you to progressive practices; new tools that will benefit your operations with higher yields, resulting in an improved bottom line and healthier Soil.

Growers have seen great results when they have introduced Humic Land™ to their practices. Results may vary depending on the soil quality.

You can also explore our case studies on the effects of Humic Land™ and the benefits it has delivered to a variety of growers.

We recommend a dosage of 1L of Humic Land™ per 2.5 acres, which has been successful for several soils and crops. We invite you to try it on a section of your farm and see the results firsthand.

Rogitex / Soil For Humanity

FAQs about Rogitex and Soil For Humanity

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Comprehensive soil analyses are crucial for the proper understanding of your Soil’s health. The majority of the Soil analyses we offer give an insight on the Soil microbial life and their functionality.

Send us an email at lab@rogitex.com or contact us (800-872-5550), and we will arrange the pick-up. We will email the pick-up details in the 24 hours after your call. Please note that we use the email you provide during the transaction.

It depends on the type of Soil analysis. It varies between 2 to 6 weeks.

Give us a call or drop us a line. We are here to help you grow your business!

We offer Soil Analysis for all of the USA & Canada

Soil For Humanity is an organization started by Rogitex as a free educational resource about Organic and Sustainable Farming Practices for the purpose of increasing Soil health awareness.

We have a variety of educational blog resources and you can also join us on Facebook & Twitter.

You can also sign up for the Soil For Humanity Newsletter to stay in the "know".

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