Humic Land Soil Amendment

Results From Growers Using Humic Land™

bell peppers

Case Study - Bell Peppers

Increased Yield

We were impressed with the results obtained with Humic Land.

bell peppers

Case Study - Potatoes

Increased Yield

... a general trend was seen with the increase in quality US#1 with Humic Land compared to the untreated control. A general trend was also seen with yield, increasing with Humic Land applications.

bell peppers

Case Study - Watermelon

Increased Yield

We injected Humic Land through the drip tape. It mixes well with no problems. We saw increased fruit sets and size increases. Good product.

Humic Land™ Case Studies Results

What Is Humic Land™ ?

Increases Yields | Improves Nitrogen Uptake | Reduces Watering Costs

Humic Land™ is an organic soil amendment developed to help growers enhance Soil's structure.

How can Soil structure benefit a grower?
Increasing Soil structure improves the Soil's porosity and makes the conditions increasingly favorable for microbial development. Microbially active Soil increases nutrient cycling benefiting root development. Greater root structure enables the plant to create Soil symbiotic relationships, leading to an overall healthier crop, and reducing the dependency on chemical inputs.

Unlike other Humic Acids that originate from Lignite or Leonardite, Humic Land™ comes from Black Peat. A vital distinction, as not all Humic Acids are made equal. Humic Land™ comes from the sustainable extraction of peat, using cavitation and fine grinding without any chemicals used in the production process.

The resulting product is a peat gel that is 100% Organic which restores Soil health and prevents Nitrogen Leaching.

Rebuild your Soil with Humic Land™ directly at the rhizosphere where it matters most and improve nitrogen retention. When nutrients are readily available as your crops needs them... yields increase.

Humic Land™ Improves Any Type of Crop You Can Think Of...

  • TomatoesTomatoes
  • CucumbersCucumbers
  • PeppersPeppers
  • PotatoesPotatoes
  • CauliflowerCauliflower
  • BroccoliBroccoli
  • EggplantEggplant
  • CabbageCabbage
  • RadishesRadishes
  • Citrus FruitsCitrus Fruits
  • CeleryCelery
  • AvocadosAvocados
  • MelonsMelons
  • BerriesBerries
  • HerbsHerbs
  • OnionsOnions
  • ApplesApples
  • Green BeansGreen Beans
  • Carrots & ParsnipsCarrots & Parsnips
  • BeetsBeets
  • Spinach & KaleSpinach & Kale
  • SquashSquash
  • Alfalfa
  • Corn

...and anything else that grows in soil.

reduce nitrogen leaching in soil

How Humic Land™ Increases Nitrogen Uptake & Yields

What it Does
Humic Land™ is able to achieve nutrient retention by focusing on soil health. Improving the soil's ability to retain the valuable nutrients each and every grower works hard to supply their crop with.

Humic Land™ is a "must have" resource to any grower who is searching for a higher ROI by enhancing their soil retention capacity and ensuring maximum nutrient uptake. It does this 100% Naturally and is OMRI® certified.

How it Does it
In layman's terms, Humic Land™ builds soil structure while significantly improving nutrient cycling keeping those precious nutrients where they are most needed - in the rhizosphere and not leaching into your aquifer.

Regardless of the crop you are growing, all crops have one thing in common: They grow in soil.

That's where Humic Land™ goes to work.

infrared drone farm analysis

Improving Field Vigor & Reducing Field Temperatures

Images taken by thermal drone demonstrating the astounding effects of Humic Land™ on a tomato crop.

Increased Foliage
As seen in all use cases, Humic Land™ increases foliage size and density creating a thicker canopy which offers greater shade. The differences between the Humic Land™ block (top portion) versus the Control block (bottom portion) are evident.

Field Temperature
The Humic Land™ block is clearly distinguishable from the Control block demonstrating the direct impact the increased foliage has on the field temperature.

The Result
The denser canopies increased the plants general heat stress-resistance and created greater shade for the fruit to grow in a cooler environment without the risk of being damaged by potential sunburn.

reduction of fruit sunburn

Reduction of Fruit Sunburn

Research has shown that the fruit skin temperature threshold for sunburn necrosis is 100 to 104°F for cucumbers; 105 to 108°F for peppers, and 125 to 127°F for apples. Fruits with sunburn necrosis are not marketable.

Fruit Sunburn has been known to affect 10% - 50% of crops, depending what you are growing. Apples being in the highest risk group.

Humic Land™ helps to signficantly increase foliage. This offers vastly greater shade over your crops, thus protecting it from the harmful effects of fruit sunburn.

Less fruit sunburn = more boxes each harvest.

orchards increase foliage reduce phytophthora

Significant Improvements to Orchards

Almond Orchard | California | September 2019

In September 2019 a Humic Land™ trial was conducted on a large Almond Orchard. These pictures were taken right after the orchard was harvested.

Anyone familiar with the brutality the trees go through during harvest can quickly notice the visual difference between these lots.

Foliage Increase: The Humic Land™ block (bottom picture) foliage growth was a lot more pronounced than its control counterpart (pictured top).

Stress Resistance: The Humic Land™ block managed the harvesting stress by holding its foliage.

Resulting in Overall Healthier Trees

improved cilantro carton yields

Maximize Your ROI

Decrease Overhead Costs While Increasing Yields

As a grower, the responsibilities are endless. Growers have to deal with various scenarios that are out of ones control such as rising input prices, securing inputs required for a season, fertilizer leaching and adverse weather conditions.

Humic Land™ helps to manage this, thus protecting your investment in inputs, increased crop stress resistance to adverse weather, reducing water costs, and other operational costs that can hinder the profitability of any given harvest.

Humic Land™ not only reduces operational costs which is a significant improvement on its own, it also helps to increase harvest yields simultaneously.

When costs are lower and yields are higher, the potential for increased margins of profitability are quite profound.

Find Out What Humic Land™ Can Do For You

  • Overall Healthier Crops
    • Increased Stress Resistance To Plants
    • Improved Root Mass & Root Structure
    • Reduction of Fruit Sunburn
  • Cut Overhead Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Watering Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Fertilizer Requirements
  • Increased Profit Margins
    • Yield Increases - Boost Overall Revenue
    • Reduction of Input & Water Costs - Significantly Lower Your Overhead Costs
  • BBB - Better Business Bureau Rating A+
  • florida fruit and vegetable association
  • approved by ecocert inputs
  • CDFA - regisetred organic input material
  • western growers
  • OMRI listed for organic use