increase watermelon yield

Case Study: Watermelon

4 Star Farms | Myakka City, Florida - March 2020


Yield Increase


Humic Land™ application on Watermelons in sandy soil

Soil Type

Sandy Soil - Grower purposely selected the worst soil on his ranch


Promote greater microbial activity to promote sandy soil structure


1 Liter / acre x 3 applications
Dilution Ratio: 1:250


Myakka City, Florida

Trial Size

5 acres Trial + Control


December 2019 - March 2020

Irrigation Type

Drip System

Four Star Farms

Farming for 14 Generations

Four Star Farms is a legacy in farming. Having a heritage that is deeply rooted in agricultural tradition, Four Star Farms has been built and passed down for 14 generations and continues growing strong to this very day.

Trial Details

4 Treatments on one field
• Direct Soil application prior to planting ( 1 Liter / acre)
• 3 applications through Drip Irrigation ( 1 Liter / acre)

Block XL L M Total Pick
Humic Land™ 1st Pick 16,080 8,040 2,680 26,800
Humic Land™ 2nd Pick 8,835 10,518 1,683 21,036
Humic Land™ 3rd Pick 2,436 2,175 4,089 8,700
Total Humic Land™ Pick 27,351 20,733 8,452 56,536
Control 1st Pick 11,880 7,700 2,420 22,000
Control 2nd Pick 5,990 6,800 3,400 16,190
Control 3rd Pick - - - 0
Total Control Pick 17,870 14,500 5,820 38,190
XL L M Total for all acres
Humic Land™ Yield Increase 53.05% 42.99% 45.22% 48.04%

Humic Land™ - Watermelon Trial Results

Number of Watermelons Harvested by Size Category (XL, L, M)

increase watermelon yields

Final Results & Observations

4 Star Farms | Myakka City, Florida - March 2020


Yield Increase


  • 3rd pick from the control field was not available due to lack of fruit
  • The Humic Land™ field produced 53% more XL size of watermelons
  • Despite the poor soil conditions Humic Land™ increased nutrient cycling and phosphate availability
  • With the use of Humic Land™ field, beneficial bacterial and beneficial fungal species were increased by 10%

Straight From The Grower

4 Star Farms | Myakka City, Florida - March 2020

We injected Humic Land through the drip tape. It mixes well with no problems. We saw increased fruit sets and size increases. Good Product.

- Brent Shackelford, Ranch Manager, 4 Star Farms

Humic Land™ Case Studies Results

What Is Humic Land™ ?

Increases Yields | Improves Nitrogen Uptake | Reduces Watering Costs

Humic Land™ is an organic soil amendment that increases your soil's ability to cycle nutrients to relieve your fertilizer dependence.

Unlike other Humic Acids available on the market that originate from Lignite or Leonardite, Humic Land™ comes from Black Peat.  A vital distinction, as not all Humic Acids are made equal. Humic Land™ is made from peat, using cavitation and fine grinding without any chemicals used in the production process.

The resulting product is a peat gel that is 100% Organic which restores soil health and prevents Nitrogen Leaching.

Rebuild your soil with Humic Land™ directly at the rhizosphere where it matters most by improving nitrogen retention. When nutrients are readily available as your crops needs them... yields increase.

Ready For A Record Breaking Harvest?

  • Overall Healthier Crops
    • Increased Stress Resistance To Plants
    • Improved Root Mass & Root Structure
    • Reduction of Fruit Sunburn
  • Cut Overhead Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Watering Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Fertilizer Requirements
  • Increased Profit Margins
    • Yield Increases - Boost Overall Revenue
    • Reduction of Input & Water Costs - Significantly Lower Your Overhead Costs
  • BBB - Better Business Bureau Rating A+
  • florida fruit and vegetable association
  • approved by ecocert inputs
  • CDFA - regisetred organic input material
  • western growers
  • OMRI listed for organic use