increase potato yields

Case Study: Potatoes

Jemmett Consulting and Research Farm | Parma, Idaho - 2021


Increased Yield


Humic Land™ Application on Potatoes

Soil Type

Silt Loam (pH 7.8)
Organic Matter 1.8%


The effects of reducing Nitrogen inputs while using Humic Land™ on Potatoes


2 Liters /Acre (dilution ratio 1:250)


Parma, Idaho

Trial Size



April 15th - September 17th 2021

Irrigation Type


Marketable Yield
Block US #1 US #2 Total (LB) CWT Yield Difference Based on CT
Control 14.188 25.388 36.900 574.600 -
Humic Land™ 20.850 24.800 45.700 662.800 +15.35%
Humic Land™ - 30% Nitrogen 13.363 27.550 40.900 594.000 +3.38%

Humic Land™ - Marketable Yield

Yield Difference Based On Control

Hundredweight (CWT)

increase potato yield

Final Results & Observations

Jemmett Consulting and Research Farm | Parma, Idaho - 2021


Increased Yield


  • -30% Reduction in fertilizer use without any loss on crop yield
  • General trends show an increase of quality in US #1 while using Humic Land™

Straight From The Grower

Jemmett Consulting and Research Farm | Parma, Idaho - 2021

... a general trend was seen with the increase in quality US#1 with Humic Land compared to the untreated control. A general trend was also seen with yield, increasing with Humic Land applications. While the differences were not seen in the -30% N plots, the Humic Land addition maintained quality and yield despite the reduction of Nitrogen.

- Eric Jemmett | Owner, Jemmett Consulting and Research Farm

Humic Land™ Case Studies Results

What Is Humic Land™ ?

Increases Yields | Improves Nitrogen Uptake | Reduces Watering Costs

Humic Land™ is an organic soil amendment that increases your soil's ability to cycle nutrients to relieve your fertilizer dependence.

Unlike other Humic Acids available on the market that originate from Lignite or Leonardite, Humic Land™ comes from Black Peat.  A vital distinction, as not all Humic Acids are made equal. Humic Land™ is made from peat, using cavitation and fine grinding without any chemicals used in the production process.

The resulting product is a peat gel that is 100% Organic which restores soil health and prevents Nitrogen Leaching.

Rebuild your soil with Humic Land™ directly at the rhizosphere where it matters most by improving nitrogen retention. When nutrients are readily available as your crops needs them... yields increase.

Ready For A Record Breaking Harvest?

  • Overall Healthier Crops
    • Increased Stress Resistance To Plants
    • Improved Root Mass & Root Structure
    • Reduction of Fruit Sunburn
  • Cut Overhead Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Watering Costs
    • up to -30% Reduction of Fertilizer Requirements
  • Increased Profit Margins
    • Yield Increases - Boost Overall Revenue
    • Reduction of Input & Water Costs - Significantly Lower Your Overhead Costs
  • BBB - Better Business Bureau Rating A+
  • florida fruit and vegetable association
  • approved by ecocert inputs
  • CDFA - regisetred organic input material
  • western growers
  • OMRI listed for organic use