protozoa magnified

Meet Mr. Protozoa

"Protozoa play an important role in mineralizing nutrients, making them available for use by plants and other soil organisms." writes Dr. Elaine Ingham in the USDA blog.

This microorganism feeds mainly on bacteria and sometimes eats fungi as well. Protozoa are essential to the Soil’s livelihood, playing the Soil guardian’s role, controlling the bacterial population. If there are too many bacteria, an unwanted situation in healthy Soil, Mr. Protozoa will eat them! As they consume bacteria, they release Nitrogen that can be absorbed by the plants.

Keep an eye on your soil moisture because Mr. Protozoa needs water to move! And you know what, he competes with the Nematodes to eat those bacteria and fungi.

Here we can see 'Mr. Protozoa' under a microscope taken at our office lab.

Want to read more about the soil microbiome?  Check out our blog Life Beneath our Feet.

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