Soil that Heals – No Harmful Side Effects

Soil that Heals – No Harmful Side Effects

There is structure and certainty in nature that you can trust. The absolute certainty of the changing seasons. The harmony of the micro society within the soil, that perpetually regenerates and recycles itself. Nature has structure and harmony that our humanity requires to live life.

Our year did not start off on the right foot with a pandemic. Most people have been sequestered at home for the precaution of containing and controlling an invisible enemy, the COVID virus.

Many people at home had to deal with the restrictions of shopping, lack of routine, lack of movement and reconstruct a seemingly new routine of social distancing. This has been taxing on the human spirit, as we are social beings that thrive in nature.

Should you speak to many people out there, they will tell you that they feel a sadness or feel weary of what we all have been through. Not to mention all the misinformation that surfaced once any form of protective structure was in place, for the greater good of helping humanity and society cope a with a threat.

Now if you have COVID, or if you had it, or know someone who had it, or perhaps perished from it. This article is for you. Place your trust in nature. Our nature has survived many changes, transformations, recycling, regenerated each time and it heals not only the human spirit, it literally promotes wellness.

Our science is there to help us learn and understand. It proves points so we can better prepare. Science can produce a pill, a vaccine, but the real cure we require is in nature, and it comes from the forest, our natural soil.

A forest can heal a person who is blue. First, you have the oxygen generated from the trees and plants around you, the diversity of color from the flowers in bloom, and the cool rich microbes in soil which has the good bacteria the body requires for wellness. This helps you heal physically, mentally, and spiritually from adversity.

I appreciate how some readers feel more comfortable with science backing the evidence. So here you go. In terms of soil microbes on human health, there were studies made that indicate soil has natural antidepressants

Mycobacterium vaccae is a bacterium found in the soil which stimulates serotonin production, which therefore makes you more relaxed and happier. When observed it has been found to have a Prozac like effect on the body. This study was conducted on cancer patients, who reported a better quality of life and less stress.

A lack of Serotonin is linked with anxiety and depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and bipolar problems. The bacterium in soil has no adverse side effects like some remedies may have, that have been produced by science to combat ailments.

These microbes in the natural soil cause cytokine levels to rise, which in turn result in the production of higher levels of serotonin. The bacterium was studied on rats, who revealed positive results when they ingested it and were injected with it. They had better cognitive ability, good concentration, and lower stress. The effects were felt up to approximately three weeks.

We all need to return to a sense of order in our lives that diminish the chains of social distancing and bring back the feeling of wellness. Nature is the cure! Go out and play in the dirt like children usually do, because now you know it’s good for you and it will make you feel a lot better.

We’re not separate from our soil. Our soil is a living breathing natural organism with many benefits to our well-being. Weather we eat the nutritious foods grown from it, or we breathe the good bacteria that nourishes our spirit.

Let nature heal you. Take a walk in the forest and play in the soil for your well being. It’s the Soil For Humanity, which will make you feel better and heal you without harmful side effects!

Soil for Humanity is colossal to everyone and everything. Our soil is a living breathing organism of live activity geared towards sustaining this planet. We’ve all been distracted with living our lives for such a long time that we did not come to realize the value of our soil. Join us on our journey building awareness and cultivating this natural relationship we have with our soil, that promotes life on Earth.

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