Kaytonik™ is a 100% organic soil amendment that improves your soil for optimal plant growth. It has all the natural minerals found in nature to provide your soil with what it needs for your plants to thrive. Excellent for any gardener for any gardening project, large or small.

Kaytonik™ is often referred to as: “organic compost extract in a bottle”.

 Who & What is Kaytonik™ For?

  • Fruit & Vegetable Gardeners
  • Homesteaders
  • Community Gardeners
  • Indoor plants, flowers, trees and shrubs
  • Those who are safety conscious with what they use for their plants and soil
  • Anyone and Everyone who is growing any type of plant, in any type of soil, indoor or outdoors

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    Benefits of Kaytonik™ On Your Soil’s Health

    • Increases microbial activity

    • Increases plant biomass, the plants immune system, strengthens plants and roots

    • Balances Soil pH

    • 100% Organic - No Chemicals - OMRI and Ecocert Certified

    • Improves soil fertility

    • Increases photosynthesis

    • Replenishes depleted soils or fire recovery soils

    • Helps build structure in sandy soils

    • Improves Seed Germination Levels

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    Do Less, Grow More!

    • Kaytonik™ builds your soil capacity to retain moisture, reducing watering needs on average by 30% for outdoor, 50% indoor. Works exceptionally well for those growing in sandy soil.

    • Super easy to use! Simply dilute in a spray bottle then spray on plants and soil. A little goes a long way: 2 teaspoons (10ml) per 1 litre water – 1 x 500ml bottle will cover 1000 square meters (over 10,000+ sq. feet!)

    • Grow bigger, grow more, grow healthier

    • Great for all skill levels: Beginner gardeners will find Kaytonik™ extremely simple to use and easily obtain a flourishing garden. More seasoned gardening veterans will be able to note & appreciate the finer aspects of their plants development.

    • Ditch the chemicals! Kaytonik™ fosters plant growth as nature intended with all of the pros and none of the cons.

    • No need to purchase or make your own compost -- Kaytonik™ is organic compost in a bottle

    organically safe for children

    Kaytonik™ is Safe!

    • Since Kaytonik™ is essentially “compost in a bottle” it provides only the natural nutrients your plants need to thrive and grow.

    • It feeds the soil as nature intended.

    • Adheres to the strictest of North American agricultural standards and is 100% organic.

    • Strengthens the immunity while reducing the potential for disease for all your plants.

    • Safe for Kids, Pets & All life forms! Kaytonik™ consists of all-natural ingredients: no chemicals!

    Kaytonik™ Improves Any Type of Crop or Plant You Can Think Of...

    • TomatoesTomatoes
    • CucumbersCucumbers
    • PeppersPeppers
    • PotatoesPotatoes
    • CauliflowerCauliflower
    • BroccoliBroccoli
    • EggplantEggplant
    • CabbageCabbage
    • RadishesRadishes
    • Citrus FruitsCitrus Fruits
    • CeleryCelery
    • AvocadosAvocados
    • MelonsMelons
    • BerriesBerries
    • HerbsHerbs
    • OnionsOnions
    • ApplesApples
    • Green BeansGreen Beans
    • Carrots & ParsnipsCarrots & Parsnips
    • BeetsBeets
    • Spinach & KaleSpinach & Kale
    • SquashSquash
    • Indoor PlantsIndoor Plants
    • FlowersFlowers

    ...and anything else that grows in soil.

    kaytonik 30 day guarantee

    What Customers Are Saying About Kaytonik™

    • BBB - Better Business Bureau Rating A+
    • western growers
    • approved by ecocert inputs
    • CDFA Registered Organic Input Material
    • florida fruit and vegetable association
    • OMRI listed for organic use